How it works

  • point1

    Install the app

    Simply download and install the MoboTour mobile application onto your iPhone. Scan the configured QR codes along the guarded perimeter. View all data from our cloud-based portal; or setup alerts to notify you should something not meet the rules you specify. A truly next-generation touring system.

  • point2

    Setup the QR codes

    Once you sign-up for MoboTour, we will send you configured QR Codes for your facilities. Once installed, guards download our mobile application, verify themselves against our servers and can immediately begin monitoring your facilities. It’s as easy as that. Forget the wand, forget the buttons, forget all the hardware and construction project required to get started. Congrats – You’re done!

  • point3

    Real time data monitoring

    Real-time data. Filter, sort, slice and dice. Notifications and alerts. All from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Available on your PC, your laptop, your iPad, your iPhone or any other device you might have that can connect to the internet. All this offered as part of MoboTour’s next generation touring system. Forget about being tethered to your desk.